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1 day Weight Loss: gain 0.3kg

Total Weight Loss: 7.2 kg after 45 days

Balance weight to lose: 5.8 kg to go

True Weight: 63.2kg

I’m thankful that the gain is not that big… today 🙂 Anyway, will be going for walks during lunch time to try to burn off the sugar and carbs obtain last night…

Breakfast: Yong Tau Foo. Surprisingly wasn’t really hungry.

 photo 9644BE0D-C643-4B4D-8C1F-96189EE371C6.jpg


Lunch: Grilled Chicken

 photo 5D3AE15A-CDDA-4BEC-BCBC-0E0612FAF330.jpg


Dinner: Pork Chop, Century eggs